Ufone Blaze 4G Packages


With the Ufone 4G Blaze Device, you can unlock the power of fast internet and discover a world of smooth connection. It is easy and quick to sign up for the Charji Device Packages. You can choose between the Ufone Blaze Package 120, Ufone Blaze Package 200, and Ufone Blaze Package 300 based on your needs. With these packages, you’ll never lose your connection.

Ufone, Pakistan’s biggest phone company, has been at the forefront of making sure that up to 23 million people can join easily. Plus, it knows how to keep its customers coming back. It offers a wide range of affordable internet plans and deals. For this, it has given the SIM Lagao deal to enable the sim that hasn’t been used in 30 days.

There is something for everyone at Ufone, from cheap data bundles like the Extreme offer, the Social-Champion offer, and the Social Hero offer to super-card packages like the super-card Max, the super-card Gold, the UPower card, and the super-card 899. Check out Ufone’s wide range of packages at Paktarrif, and be sure to check back for our newest deals to get the most out of your digital trip.

New Features:

The Ufone Blaze 4G is great for people who want to stay connected while they’re out and about. Since it’s small and has its own 2000 MAh battery, you can use the internet without stopping for up to 4 hours straight. It lets you set up a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 10 devices at once, so you can share the connection with family and friends. It’s also Plug & Play, which means you don’t have to run any drivers or software.

  • As an extra bonus, the Ufone Blaze 4G has some great features, like Push & Connect, which lets you connect even if you’ve forgotten your PIN.
  • It also has lights that show signs, texts, the state of the hotspot, and the power.
  • During the guaranteed time, if the gadget breaks, you can get a new one for free. The Ufone Blaze 4G has an amazing 250-hour backup time, which makes it the best when it comes to a strong and long-lasting link.
  • The Ufone Blaze 4G is the best device for you if you want to stay connected anywhere.
Ufone Blaze 4G Packages

Ufone Blaze 4G Devices Packages

Ufone Blaze 4G Packages offer high-speed internet connectivity with different data limits ranging from 1.5 GB to 75 GB. The packages come with different validity periods ranging from 1 day to 1 month, providing flexibility to customers to choose the package that best suits their needs and budget.

The Blaze 4G Packages also offer additional features such as free Facebook and WhatsApp usage, making it more appealing to customers who use the internet for social networking and messaging purposes. The packages are also available for purchase at Ufone franchise centers and authorized dealers. Ufone Official Website

Moreover, Ufone provides various payment options for its Blaze 4G Packages, including online payment through debit/credit cards, mobile account balances, and scratch cards. This flexibility in payment options makes it easy for customers to subscribe and renew their packages without any hassle.

  • Ufone Blaze Wingle Package: This package offers 10GB of internet data and is priced at Rs. 2,500.
  • Ufone Blaze MiFi Package: This package offers 20GB of internet data and is priced at Rs. 3,000.
  • Ufone Blaze Dongle Package: This package offers 5GB of internet data and is priced at Rs. 2,000.

Additionally, Customers can also choose from other Ufone Blaze device packages with varying internet data limits and prices.

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What is Blaze 4G?

Take your job with you wherever you go, anytime you need to, and in any region of the nation. Your company can get high-speed internet while on the go thanks to Blaze 4G.

More Features:

  • Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-capable devices with the incredibly portable 2000 mAh 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot (4 hours of continuous use and 250 hours standby).
  • It has WPS (Push & Connect) support
  • If not installed a one-year warranty is required.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All bundles come with a 30-day validity, once finished, users can resubscribe (The remaining unused volume is transferred to the next month)
  • No Hidden Charges – Package Tariffs are inclusive of all taxes
  • 50% of each bundle volume is usable for usage between 1 AM and 1 PM
  • For further information, queries, and sale Inquiries please Click here or contact our SME helpline at 4000 from your Ufone or 0800-80808 from any other network.

Comprehensive FAQs About Blaze

EE is still clearly the fastest 4G network, with average speeds up to twice as fast as the other 3 networks according to tests.

With a substantial allocation of 120GB of data, users will have an ample amount of internet resources at their disposal for activities like as streaming, browsing, and maintaining connectivity. With a generous allocation of 60GB available for use between the hours of 1 am and 1 pm, users can be certain that they will not experience data depletion during their extended periods of high data consumption. The subscription expenses for this service amount to just Rs. 1,999.

The customer can dial *3045# from their registered Ufone Master Number.

  • Online Recharging
  • To access the My Ufone App, please proceed with the login process.
  • Select the option for Bill Payment or Recharge.
  • Please provide the Ufone number and choose the preferred payment method. Please input the desired amount and click on the submit button.
  • Click on the “Proceed” button located on the confirmation screen.
  • Please provide your credit card information.
  • Upon receipt, customers will get a confirmation notification and an immediate 10% cashback.

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